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Invite me to your wedding.

I will be, not the photographer of your wedding, but the photographer at your wedding.

I will look around, I will be there and a little further away, and I will give you back the  photos which trace the genuine moments of your day. And more.

Those are pictures that don't lie, they just tell. And sublimely.


The photo report of the moment you're getting ready retraces a very warm, intimate and sometimes even completely crazy moment!

You are surrounded by people who are dear to you and you are the center of attention:makeup, hairdressing, flowers..... your wedding dress just waiting for you!

There is a lot of emotions in the air: excitement, expectation, mounting pressure...



The couple photo session is a very privileged moment for both of you.

It often takes place the same day of your wedding but can also take place a few days before.

It's a wonderful opportunity to share a delicious moment together, immortalized by Pictures that reflect your way of you are.


Whether official, at the city hall, religious, cicil, the ceremonies of your wedding really are the turning point of the day!

The Photo documentary made by your professional wedding photographer must capture the atmosphere, the emotion, as well as the essential moments imbued with symbols or which quite simply mark the strength of your union and your love.


Above all, this is the moment when the guests, like the newly weds, really relax: so many photos not to be missed!

I will be the "lifestyle" photo reporter of your wedding reception and trace this atmosphere of joy,of party and of shared happiness.


At nightfall, the Party 's just getting started!


The lifestyle photo report of the evening will allow you to keep memorable memories of this day which is coming to its climax!


As many pictures you absolutely  want to see again and again!


Wedding photographer in the Tarn, Castres, Occitanie

You are getting married soon in theTarn, atCastres,Albior surroundings,Occitania, atToulouseand want to call aprofessional photographertoimmortalizeyour day ?

Myphotographic styleyou like (and that's really important!), and you want apersonalized quote?

I will be happy to meet you and discuss with you to prepare the gamePhotoof yourwedding.

Remember that theyour wedding photographeris probably the only onewedding providerwho will follow you and accompany you throughout the day.

It is important that we get to know each other.


Daphne Walme Photographer

Tarn - Castres - Occitanie


+33 (0)6 30 54 29 51

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