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'' In complete privacy ''

ThatPhoto shootis particularly aimed at those who wish toreconcile with their image.

The work begins as soon as we make contact. We talk on the phone, to start, so that you can tell me what you want, and what you expect from the session.

There is a lot ofsensitivityinvolved in this session. It is a story of women above all.

And it's a very beautifuladventurethat you are preparing to live.

Whether for aboudoir photo shootor in nature, it's about revealing your femininity, yours.

Seance photo boudoir

The ''private'' photo session

I propose here 2 types of session: theboudoir photo session, indoors andsession ''full nature''which will take place in a natural, very natural environment, in one of these corners of the wild nature of the Tarn.

The ''boudoir'' photo session

theboudoir, it is this small room between the bedroom and the living room, this small confined, intimate room, conducive to confidences between friends.

It is also a delicious cake sprinkled with sugar, crunchy and melting under the tongue....which divinely accompanies a glass of champagne, or which goes into the composition of your chocolate charlotte...a whole program!

When it comes to theboudoir photo session, we find the same ingredients: sweetness and delicacy,   fondant and flavorful, sensual and crunchy, and a lot of intimacy.

This session is for women, all women, whatever their age or morphology.

It's about looking at yourself, new and advantageous: looking at yourself from a different angle, seeing yourself as beautiful and charming, charming, naturally beautiful, beautiful according to your own nature.

The portraits from theboudoir photo sessionare there to help you love your image, and simply love yourself.

"So how should I dress?"

The main thing is to be yourself. Lace lingerie and silk negligee, warm socks and comfortable pajamas, all women are beautiful... it's up to you. Your femininity comes first and foremost from who you really are. All props are welcome, but are just props.

I propose to help you see in yourself the woman you want to be.

There is no room for vulgarity in this session. This is a session for women.

Voyeurs, curious and rude characters, thank you for going your way.

Finally, this sessionboudoir picturesis an excellentgift idea, to offer oneself, to offer to one's partner or to be offered.

The ''full nature'' photo session

Thatphotoshoot for womenmanifests the need to connect, feet in the grass, in the water, to the Earth, to one's own nature.

A need to feel alive, hair in the wind.

The desire to feel beautiful and powerful, in all its vulnerability and nudity.

thePicturesare magnificent of course and thelived experienceis out of the ordinary.

Get carried away!

I let you look above somePictures, they speak louder than words.

Looking forward to part with you on the paths of self-discovery!

Portrait 'Boudoir'

Interested in

a"intimacy" session?


Daphne Walme Photographer

Tarn - Castres - Occitanie


+33 (0)6 30 54 29 51

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