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“Photography is an art;

it's better than an art, it's the solar phenomenon where the artist collaborates with the sun.”

Alphonse de Lamartine


I am a photographer from the world of analog photography from which I learned a lot 20 years ago:

light, shade, white, black, the darkroom and even the manufacture of frames and the creation of mats!

Thanks in particular to Bill Didcock, my trainer, mentor and friend who left us a few years ago.

Today, I continue to train and learn, from each session, from each photo, from each person.


The path that led me to thePhotowas punctuated  with very rewarding detours:

- first graduated from a major business school inmarketingandinternational trade,I started by making my arms in import-export which allowed me to travel in Europe.

- then the desire for an experience as a resident abroad led me first to Scotland and then to Australia,

- back in France, the time has come to have children,

- then experience in communication and translation agencies,

- teacher experienceEnglish

And finally the big leap:freelance photographer!


Thephotographyis my gateway tobeautiful, to the essence of things and beings.

This is what I have always been looking for, whatever the nature of the session, in the studio or in the middle of nature.

I let myself be guided by what presents itself, by the stories you tell, in your gestures,  your smiles, your doubts too.

I seize, I capture, I feel and I return to you.


Before officially embarking on the marvelous adventure ofprofessional photographer, I walked mydevice Photowith me on my business trips and other trips.

From Scotland to Australia, via Morocco, Southeast Asia, and a good twenty European countries, I was able to hone my skills inlandscape picturewhich has long been my favorite discipline.

photos in a universe of images

Today thedigital photobrings us exceptional working comfort and unlimited possibilities, to the delight of customers andphotographers.

However, if the tools have changed, if thephotographic techniquehas evolved and ifenclosuresare always more efficient, I notice one thing:


What we always look for in aPhoto, it's amoment of eternity, a hundredth of a second saved fromflight of time, a moment of grace that repeats itself ad infinitum...


And my children arrived...

1, 2... and 3!

What to practiceportrait picture.

I probably traumatized them a bit...

But today they want more! I would even say that they are mymodelsmostdemanding.

They make meprogress, certainly...

I have no room for error when it comes totake a photothe eldest's motorbike, the youngest's kittens... Not to mention theprofile picturestosocial networksof my second son...


Shadow and light

Black and white

yin and yang

You and me

That's precisely what it's all about

With photography...

Find the right balance,

Where these 2 facets of the same Reality

Unite in Harmony.

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