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photographe mariage castres


Whetherreligious, of a very official nature to thecity hall, or evensecular ceremony, the ceremony or ceremonies of your wedding remain moments that you will remember until the end!

thesymbolis so strong you could feel it floating in the air, inscribed in your flesh.

This will be the mark of theallianceon your ring finger, or any other sign you choose for that matter.

thelifestyle reportof your ceremony allows you to keep foreverPicturesstrong and rich inemotions.

The civil ceremony, the wedding at the town hall

It ischoose a city, and hiscity hall, adate, aday, during the week or on a Saturday, aseason(winter wedding or summer wedding? spring or autumn?). You also have to think about choosing thewitnessesand I exempt you fromadministrative partwhich you will find, if necessary, by clicking on thisofficial link.

Once all this is organized, remember that thetown hall ceremonyis one ofstrongest momentsof your life!  this is where you will pronounce the famous "yes" and that you will officially become thehusbandor thewifeof the love of your life.

ThePicturesof these unique, magical moments become real treasures, realfamily documents.

Your religious wedding ceremony

Whatever place of worship you have chosen to celebrate your union, the emotion continues... It's the second wave, the second wave that transports all hearts.

The architecture of the placelends itself naturally, and in most cases, to photos absolutelymajestic: themsymbolsare powerful and omnipresent there, thelightis often very advantageous, evencelestial, what to offer yougreat pictures!

The secular ceremony of your marriage

In vogue for a few years, this concept came fromUnited Statesmet with growing success.

The secular ceremonyoffers you a very largefreedomof design and production: whether at the level ofdecoration, of themusic, stakeholders,speech, from the place itself.... everything is possible! As long as it's well organized.

Again, thePicturesmade by yourprofessional photographermake it possible to highlight not only the veryaestheticof this ceremony but also and especially all theemotionsstakes.


Daphne Walme Photographer

Tarn - Castres - Occitanie


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