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photographe mariage castres tarn

the reception

That's aremarried! it's time tocelebratein beauty.

thewine receptionis served, theguestsare gathered and the stress has subsided.

Smiles light up faces, laughter flies, and glasses "cliiiingue"...
Yes, I know, I am a poet...

It is also the time when everyone lowers their guard, married as well as guests: an ideal hunting ground for thelifestyle photographerthat I am....

I also use it forphotographthe elements ofdecorationwho come to highlight thereception, and I can continue to photograph the atmosphere, in modeimage hunter!

Of course, a nice table has been set.
You have put all your attention into it, you have carefully chosen the colors, you have racked your brains to find out what little gift to offer your guests. And frankly, well done! it looks nice!

Cocktail, dinner and cake

And now that everything is in place, enjoy! spend time with your guests, the people you love.
The most important thing in all of this is the people who came for you.

Above all, I suggest that you remember these moments. The moments of exchanged glances, of complicity, of frank laughter, in fact everything that makes up the very essence of your lovely party.

Thereceptionof yourwedding, it is the harmonious combination of several factors:

- a place that excites you and that looks like you, amenuappetizing and acaterertrustworthy, impeccable service,decothought of your image, a supermusical atmosphere, of theactivitiesoriginals proposed to the guests, etc, etc...

- and above all, above all, a happy mood!

What you want to keepmemorywith yourPictures? Well! I think it's all of these!

theyour wedding photographeris there precisely for that: to devote itself completely to its mission, to transcribe everything into images. Ofwine receptionWherecocktailto thecake:

He must know how to dodiscreetwhile always being where it's at.

He knowsanticipateits placement to be there at the right time, in the right place.

He knows how to vary hisanglesandviewpoints.

He photographs thedecorationfrom your room when there's still time!

He adapts hislightas the day progresses.

It fits discreetly into the evening, to be at the heart of events.

He walks hiseyealmost everywhere...

You won't miss anything of your so prettyreception! Because you will findPicturesall the moments and all the moments shared with your guests, and the guests among themselves.

Those areatmospheric pictures, ofemotionand ofshared pleasure.

The reception


Daphne Walme Photographer

Tarn - Castres - Occitanie


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