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THE reception rooms

When you have decided to say ''yes'' for life and de  to get married, the first question that arises is often:  whereare we getting married?!

Our lovely department ofTarn, and the South Tarn in particular (since it is here that I operate most often), offers manyhalls,areasandcastles. You will surely find happiness. Here is a small selection (not exhaustive of course) of the places where I have the great pleasure of going, for the beauty of the site and the warm welcome of the hosts.


The Domain of Montcausson

Near Revel, here is a building steeped in history and which has had a facelift in 2020.


Nadine and François receive you in an environment that has planned everything for your greatest happiness.

mariage castres le castelet

The Castelet

On the heights of Castres, superb estate in the heart of the woods and nature.

Very charming welcome from Suzy for a dream performance!

The Domain of Flora

The Chateau de la Rode

In Lempaut, 30 min from Castres and 50 min from Toulouse, an old abbey with a majestic park.

Violaine, mistress of the estate,

guarantees you an extraordinary day!

Laurels of the Bastide

1 hour from Castres and 20 minutes from Toulouse, enjoy a wooded area of 2ha, and beautiful quality services!.

Welcome by Marie-Hélène St David.

Professionalism and dynamism at the rendezvous!



Pearly Workshop

In Castres, a sho-room to cocoon you, a selection of high quality dresses and suits

Océane & Cathy who advise you, accompany you for this crucial choice!

It is Patrick, colorful, who guides you for your costume.


Double-I Animations

Singer, entertainer, magician

...he knows how to do everything, and above all to make your evening a unique and unforgettable moment!

Patrick at your service...

flowers, bouquets, petals...


The Riviera

Sensitivity, delicacy and a lot of freshness...this is what you will find in Mélanie's bouquets

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