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  • Why hire a professional photographer for my wedding?
    It's true. We all have a well-equipped friend or uncle who loves to take pictures, or even who takes very pretty pictures. So why pay a professional? It's up to you..... here are some ideas that will help you think: - technical reasons: a professional photographer is a photographer who is equipped with professional equipment and who masters it use. It is equipped in duplicate or triplicate to avoid disappointments (breakdowns, incongruous breakages) and to guarantee, on all occasions and in all situations, high quality pictures. He is a photographer who also knows how to post-process photos (sort, select, edit, retouch) and who is equipped and trained in this tool. ​ A pro-grade camera is really good. Knowing how to use it well and process images is better! ​ - aesthetic reasons: technique (and photography is a very technical field), is only a tool at the service of artistic creation. Your photographer brings his eye, his personal sensitivity, his artistic flair. Each photographer develops his own style according to his own experience, his personality. To know if the style of a photographer pleases you, suits you, touches you, take the time to ''browse'' his portfolio. If, in front of his pictures, you say to yourself: I love - Oh!!! how beautiful it is ! - I would love to have pictures like that - wow! - dear) ! come see what I found!!! etc etc.... you like the style of the photographer. If you look at the photos and say to yourself: ''that's not bad''.... Well! it may not be enough. If your friend or uncle takes photos that you really love, point for them! ​ Pretty photos are more than pixels and zoom length.... ​ - experience, creativity, availability : your photographer is dedicated to his mission . It's his passion. But it's also his job. He is experienced . He knows how to make you pose, if necessary, without looking like it. He also knows, and above all, how to capture smiles and tears in their spontaneity. On a wedding day, it is both portraitist and journalist en report . And he is "full" all day. Because he casts his eye almost everywhere... and he is full of creativity. He knows which photos not to miss, how to position himself, he runs and climbs as soon as necessary. He has experience and knows his job. He knows how to highlight people and things. He knows how to transcribe an atmosphere, in images. He's available for you first and foremost, and we have to force him to have a drink (doesn't that remind you of a movie?) to toast with you at the end of the day. ​ He advises you, constantly adapts and knows that your wedding photos are above all yours. It works for you. ​ - customer follow-up: a professional photographer advises you before, during and also after, and guides you for the impressions and < strong>paper prints. He works with suppliers, professional printers. He can recommend a particular medium or format. He composes for you, if you wish, the photo album or the FINE ART photo book, at the height of your day, the emotions experienced and the moments spent which will now be unforgettable. HD digital photos are great. Quality prints are even better! - last but not least: you are going to spend a lot of time and money on your wedding day, an extraordinary day that you never don't plan to do it again every year... And you may be aware that once the day is over, what will remain of these unique moments are your memories....those in your head of course, and to be sure not to forget anything, those immortalized by the photos. If, in addition, they are really pretty, it's still better. ​ Now it's up to you!
  • There are many wedding photographers on the market. How to choose ?
    There are 4 main criteria to respect and that you can use to make your choice: Ask yourself the following questions: Criterion n°1: do I like his photos? touch me? move me? would I want the same for my wedding, for example? Start by taking a good look at the portfolio of the photographer. - If you like the aesthetic aspect of his photos, if you find originality, creativity, emotion, harmony, meaning (each photo should be able to bring meaning: be useful, tell something, question, amaze, surprise, make people smile, shed a tear...) => it's because the photographer's style suits you a priori . - If you quickly browse his portfolio, without really stopping on any photo, if you can't find harmony, no expressed universe, if you have the impression that it's deja vu, and even that you could have done the same or better...=> it's that his style doesn't suit you. Criterion n° 2: is the photographer within my budget? Request a quote. If it's way over your budget, make up your mind, never mind, you'll find another one. If it overshoots a bit, see if it accepts payments in installments. See if he can offer you another formula. Think on your side. We know what a good professional costs but we have no idea what an amateur can cost! Criterion no. 3: does the person seem reliable to me, do I feel confident?< /p> What is required of a professional, above all, is skills and seriousness. The assurance that in the end we will have what we signed up for. But to choose between 2 photographers who suit us, we might as well choose the one we find nice and whose personality we appreciate. The human relationship, of trust, is important. You don't want to entrust your image to someone you don't feel with. You can also consult comments, reviews and recommendations on its site and social networks. Criterion #4: is it still available? If you have "flashed" on a photographer (finally on his photos), and that he falls within your budget (finally his prices), and that in addition he inspires confidence and sympathy in you, do not wait for the last moment for the book for your wedding, or for any other event that would not suffer from a delay! !! Get in touch quickly, get involved and relax... Phew! it's done...
  • What is a lifestyle photographer?
    The "lifestyle", from the English "mode de vie", or "style of life", is a style of modern photography which consists of documenting", in a way artistic, ofreal life moments. The lifestyle photographer looks for natural and spontaneous expressions, unlike the traditional studio photographer who favors the pose. It's like a lifestyle photography that I like to follow you on your events, whatever they are. The main thing for me is to let the "living" in you express itself, simply life. My photos are imbued with movement, momentum, intention (yours).
  • What material do you use?
    here's what's in my bag: - Bodies: NIKON D750 full frame - NIKON D7100 APS-C - NIKON D90, my old traveling companion. - 50mm F/1.8 Nikkor lens - 70-300mm F/4.5 Nikkor lens - 24-70 F/2.8 Tamron lens. - tripod - filters - sun visor - batteries - chargers - Flash Cobra - plenty of rechargeable batteries - a studio backdrop with umbrellas, lamps, several backdrops, extension cords - 1 reflector (4 in 1) And since my bag is never big enough, I put it all in the trunk, that of the 4x4 which I use mainly for outdoor sessions.
  • I would like to do a pregnancy session. Do you provide the dresses?
    Yes! I provide a small selection of dresses suitable for pregnancy shoots. These are the ones you see on the site's pregnancy page. But I always suggest that you dig into your closet to vary the outfits and take photos in more everyday, more personal outfits. I really like to offer you beautiful dresses for this very special day: they allow you to wonderfully highlight your femininity in harmony with Mother Nature. I also really like to offer you more personal photos, like the person you are every day.
  • How is a newborn photo shoot?
    First of all, it takes place at your home. I move so that mom and baby can stay where you have your bearings. I set up my studio in a room that we have chosen together: it must be large enough and above all very well heated. I will send you an email before the session where you will find all the information you need beforehand. The key word remains baby's comfort and tranquility. Discover here a newborn photo session
  • Do you provide outfits and accessories for the newborn session?
    Yes! I have a nice selection of outfits, fabrics, various accessories. Depending on the season of birth of your baby, you will see me arranging a carpet of dead leaves, wild flowers, fir branches.... I also like to use the little treasures I find in your baby's room...
  • When is the best time to do the newborn session?
    For photos where your baby is asleep, deliciously positioned and "swaddled", the ideal is a session between the 6th and 15th day. Beyond that, baby sleeps less and fidgets more! that said, the photos are always very pretty.
  • Do you have a studio?
    I don't have a local studio as such, I use a portable, nomadic studio, which I install at clients' premises, especially for newborn sessions. All photos on page newbornor portrait studio were made with this equipment.
  • Do you make photo albums?
    YES! and I enjoy making them! It's quite a time-consuming activity, it's true, but the experience saves me a lot of time. And then, it's a real moment of creativity for me! I also know how relieved my clients are when I do this work for them, work that is very tedious for many of them.
  • Do you speak English?
    Yes! I do. I lived in Australia and Scotland, for one year each. Besides I've been taught photography in English! I even taught English for 4 years.
  • Sprechen Sie Deutsch?
    Ya! Ich kann noch Deutsch sprechen und verstehn, obwohl ich nicht so oft übe...Ich habe früher fliessend Deutsch gesprochen.
  • 你会说普通话吗?
    no! I don't speak Mandarin!
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