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The sessioncouple pictures, Wherephotos of the bride and groomis truly a special moment in yourwedding.

It's aPhoto shootjust for both of them.

Those arePicturesthat bear witness to your love, unique, highly aesthetic photos, photos for fun and to remember....

ThatPhoto shootthe day of yourwedding, it is also often the only truemoment of intimacyshared of the day.

So enjoy!!

Photos of the newlyweds with Caroline & Julien -Hers Castle

Photos of the bride and groom with Hasnaé & Morgan - Domaine de Montcausson, Revel

Photos of the newlyweds with Lilian & Benoit - Domaine Les Lauriers de la Bastide, Giroussens

A very special couple photoshoot

Thatcouple photo sessionis very special for many reasons:

​It is aspecial moment: you are also a little nervous, delightfully nervous. It's a bit like the first time, the first date...

You find yourself in abeautiful place, in one of our beautifulareasWherecastlesaroundToulouse, ofCastres, in theTarn, or even in nature. L'Occitaniais such a beautiful and diverse region that the possibilities are endless.

I offer youPicturessublime, romantic, lively, moving, original and why not comical.

Because, in the end, these two photos reflect your personalities, your way of loving each other.

Count on me to put you at ease. It's always an approach"lifestyle" that I propose to you!Pictureswho capturereal life moments, ofemotion, of thePicturesinmovement.

Of course, I guide you, because it is a very difficult exercise to look natural in this situation so well orchestrated. I can even make you pose but it will always be to better make you lay down your arms.

The process of a couple photoshoot

Whether it takes place on D-Day or a few days before (or after??), it's aphoto sessionthat we will have prepared beforehand.

We will have determined together the time we will devote to it (it can last from 20 minutes to 2 hours, it's up to you) and also the time of day that suits you best.

It can take place beforeceremonies Whereafter, before thecocktailwhere thewine receptionhave not been served.

It all depends on the configuration of your day, and depending on it, we will decide the most appropriate time and the time to devote to it. You don't want to miss the party, or make you wait too long!

I also study the place or places that are best suited to your session. Depending on your tastes, your personality, theplace of receptionand your desires too, I take you for aPhoto shooting, a romantic getaway.

If you choose to do thesession before D-Day, know that itis an opportunity to:

- really getting to know each other.

- familiarize yourself with my way of working, with thepurpose, which gives you confidence and gently gets used to your big day. You will see that I am not aphotographerintrusive, not at all, and thetrustcomes together very naturally.

- to familiarize myself with your universe: the way you react to the click of thecamera, your way of being, what you like, what you are looking for, what you expect from yourphotographer.

- and finally, and perhaps most importantly, to give free rein to yourcreativity and your desires,in a space and time without constraints. This is an opportunity to choose an extraordinary site for extraordinary photos!

It's "no limit"!!

couple pictures


Daphne Walme Photographer

Tarn - Castres - Occitanie


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