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Communicate through image

I intervene within your company for the realization:

- of yourscorporate portraits,

- ofphoto reportof yourbusiness,

- ofphoto reportof yourevent professional (gala, seminar...)

- ''packshot'' photos of your products

I offer you quality images that transcribe the spirit of your company and highlight itsproductsand hisknow how.

Ils nous ont fait confiance

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Show who you are

The soul of your business goes first and foremost through thecollaboratorswho make it live.

Customers today express the need to know who is hiding behind a brand, a service, a product, or know-how.

Onecorporate profile, Wherecorporate, made by aprofessional photographer, will have the strength, quality and impact necessary for fair communication, which reflects the values of your company.

My technical mastery of light, the art of composition and my ability to easily put you at ease in front of a camera lens will allow you to obtain photos that you will be proud to show on your media.communicationfor many years.


Discover your know-how

thebusiness photo reportis a great way to showcase yourknow how,thempeople skillsandtechniqueswho compose it andidentifyspecific to your business.

You then have a wide variety ofquality media, digital and/or paper, in order to communicate internally but also with yourcustomer base.

You then offer yourself ashowcaseextended, beyond your final products, which allow your customers to discover the heart of your business and your know-how.

Whether it's half a day or a full day, I evolve within your company, without you having to change your work habits, in order todocumentyour activity in a realistic and authentic way.

Photo documentaryat La Riviera - artisan florist,Castres

Photo documentaryat Elegancy by Kris inCastres- layout of spaces & furniture revisited


Capture the highlights of your business

A gala, a seminar, a conference are all highlights for your company.

thereport of your professional eventallows you first of all to keep memories but also to energize the event, to offer it a scope beyond the allotted time.


I accompany you wayreportageto capture the moments, highlights and everything that makes this event meaningful for your business.


You then have a reserve ofPicturesthat support yourcommunication.