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​​We study your photo project together, whether it isprofessionalor verypersonal.

First, I guide you, upstream:

- on theguysof photos and thethemes,

- on the poses,

- on theoutfits,

- on thebeauty treatment.

Then, you slowly let go.

I suggest you live an authentic moment, facing thecamera lens, and facing yourself.

Thatstudio photo sessionis a realtime for yourself, and whatever use you want to make of the shots, it's a real work on your image.


Photo shoot in home studio - Castres

With Cynthia - singer, artist

Photo shoot in home studio - Castres

With Hugo - storyteller, counter, traveler

The studio portrait photo shoot - home-studio shoot

You need toPicturesqualityprofessionalfor the realization of yourbook.

Depending on the type of agencies to which you intend yourbook, the photos will meet different criteria. Indeed, the expected photos will be different if you are an actor / actress, model, singer /  singer, performing artist.

However, there are a few common rules:

- no nude photos or photos in underwear,

- a number of photos between 5 and 12,

- various styles to present several facets of your personality,

-dIn any case, there will beportraits(face to plexus) andfull length pictures(from head to toes).

If you are a performing artist (singer for example), you will also needsnapshots in situation.

It is also relevant to offeroutdoor picturesaccording to your needs.

Once this first step of identifying your needs (which is essential) has been completed, we move on to the second: choice of outfits, accessories, reflection on the types of poses, studio/outdoors/stage.

It is also important to develop your book, depending on your physical changes, in particular, weight gain or loss, haircut, etc.

Anyway, I remain at your disposal and I adapt to your needs.

Portrait in studio

Interested in

astudio portrait session?


Daphne Walme Photographer

Tarn - Castres - Occitanie


+33 (0)6 30 54 29 51

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