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Wedding at La Teouliere

Lots and lots of emotion for Mathilde & Bertrand's wedding! Long-awaited, long-prepared wedding...and a perfect day! I loved the freshness of these two lovers, their authenticity, their tender nature!

Wedding at the Montcausson estate

Mélanie and Nicolas' wedding, it's such a tender a touching story... They held on to get married in the year of the Covid and it worked out very well for them!

But above all, above all, they have a confidence in life... so I love it! they overflow with sincerity and authenticity...

A pure photographer's happiness ;-)

French-Mexican village wedding

What I love about the weddings that take place in our charming Tarn villages is this warm atmosphere where everyone knows each other, where reunions with those we love are tinged with childhood memories. .
Add to that a good dose of exoticism with a sparkling bride, the colors of Mexico and the traditional music of the mariachi.... and you have an unforgettable festive day! Thank you Catharina and Yohan for this trip to Mexico!!!

Wedding in Carmaux