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​This moment when you're getting  hairdressed /madeup /and eventually dressed up...really is a special moment: warm, intimate, we enjoy with our loved ones, our very close ones.

We are under pressure, and sometimes very relaxed, as if time were standing still.

The shoes, the pumps, the dress and the costume, the bouquet, the veil and the cufflink, everything is here !

Hairdressing, makeup, dressing up, you are over the moon!



The moment of the wedding preparations

thetime of preparationsof the wedding is one of my favorite on a day ofwedding.

The atmosphere is both relaxed and electric. It's time for thebeauty treatment, where you take time for yourself before the whirlwind of the party.

We may have already made aPhoto shoottogether, before the wedding, theengagement sessionfor example, and you already know how I work. You have therefore noticed that the atmosphere is very relaxed, we spend a pleasant moment, you quickly forget thecamera. Besides, you have other more important things to think about today, and especially intense moments to live! You are the central person of the day, everyone revolves around you, it makes you nervous, or very happy. Either way, I'm here toimmortalizeevery moment, every detail, every emotion experienced.

This is the first time you find yourself in the limelight! Don't worry, I'm verydiscrete ! So you won't be bothered by mycamera equipment. I'm like the butterfly (well, I'd love to!!)  that twirls discreetly around you.

I generally suggest following you on yourpreparationsfor an hour or two according to your desires. You make yourselfcomb,make up,dress, by professionals or by your loved ones who are also preparing. It is a moment of delicious feminine/masculine complicity that you will have a lot of pleasure in.relive in pictures.

Depending on the configuration of your wedding, I may also be able to cover thepreparations for your future half.There are always discoveries veryinteresting, nice surprisesat timeviewthemPictures: it's as if you were the little mouse who was there to see everything!

Once everyone is dressed, we prepare to discover the love of his life in his dream outfit. This so-called photo offirst looksays so many things! If there are times when you can't lie, this is it! Get your tissues ready!



Daphne Walme Photographer

Tarn - Castres - Occitanie


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